You wrote:
> So sprach »Ryan Fischer« am 2001-07-24 um 07:35:37 -0400 :
> > Usually, "the 3rd" is written as "John Doe, III," AFAIK, so that's
> > really an issue.
> Okay, III isn't an issue then.  What about people with Dr. titles?
> 'Dr. med John Doe'.  There the 'med' shouldn't be capitalized.

Never heard of that one before.  Usually, a medical doctor adds an
"M.D." at the end of his name indicating so.

> And I'm sure, there are enough other examples - but: it's your app,
> *I* would not do it, but that's just me.  If people are too lazy
> to type there name correctly capitalized, than it's their problem

Agreed.  ;)

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