On Wed, 2013-08-07 at 13:11 -0600, Brian Smither wrote:

> Second go around:
> I have a situation where, for some unknown reason, where each class that 
> finishes its __contruct{} function, that class gets automatically assigned to 
> a variable - other than the variable I specify.
> Conceptually (a little bit better on the conceptualizing):
> class Hello {
> private $_world = 'World';
> function __construct(){}
> }
> $clsHello = new Hello();
> echo 'The variable $hello is '.gettype($hello)."\n".print_r($hello,true);
> Output:
> The variable $hello is object
> Hello Object
> (
>     [_world:Hello:private] => World
> )
> There is no statement in my application that assigns an instance of the class 
> to another variable, the name being a lowercase variant of the class name.
> Would there be a PHP function that would do this as a side-effect?
> I am more interested in learning what is happening as opposed to rolling back 
> to a previous version. (A backup copy functions fine. A file compare does not 
> reveal any likely suspects.)
> PHP5.4.17-NTS-VC9 (Windows XP-SP3)

I cannot replicate this. That code you supplied correctly gives a notice
warning about an undefined variable '$hello'. Are you sure that that
simple code excerpt is giving you the problem you describe and there's
not more to the whole thing, more code, etc?


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