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>> I cannot replicate this.
> I don't expect anyone to be able to replicate this behavior. The example 
> shows an extraordinarily stripped-down sequence of statements that informs 
> what should work, but do to some unknown agent, which, therefore, cannot be 
> included in the example, produces unexpected output.
> This conceptual example is not a 'sample' or 'excerpt' of the actual 
> application. There is much, much more code. None of it is an apparent likely 
> suspect in causing this behavior.
> I am hoping for a, "Oh, yeah! I've seen that happen before. It's caused by..."
> Let us focus on the central question:
> Would there be a PHP function that would do [what the example describes] as a 
> side-effect?


$hello = $clsHello;

There are only a few variables that get assigned as side effects of functions, 
but they have very specific names, and none of them are $hello (but I'm 
guessing that's not the actual variable name) and none of them will assign a 
userland object. Somewhere in your code there is something that is assigning to 
$hello. Find everything that's doing that and look at each instance in detail.


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

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