On Aug 20, 2013, at 12:24 PM, Pete Ford <p...@justcroft.com> wrote:
> tedd,
> Java is a meticulously-constructed language with very strict typing and a 
> large commercial organisation which purports to support and develop it.
> PHP is a scruffy heap of loosely typed cruft which is easy to knock together 
> and build big things from, but has a semi-commercial and community support 
> structure.

Thanks for the info. :-)

FYI -- I am teaching both PHP and JAVA at college level and have taught both 
for several years as well as other Web Languages.

My recent question was simply an attempt to get documentation to support which 
server-side Web Language is the most popular. Both PHP and Java can be used 

I also realize that Java is used for native Android because I also teach Mobile 
Application Development (MAD -- I even coined the name). So, I am up to my butt 
in languages (and people who think different than me) -- I'm just trying to get 
documentation to back up my what I think I know.



tedd sperling

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