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> shiplu wrote:
> >During PHPvsPython search I found this info graphic
> >https://www.udemy.com/blog/modern-language-wars/#. Some of the
> >statistics contain Java too. Also you can search "PHP" and "Web
> >Development" in big job sites and compare with same search but with
> >"Java".
> 'Python is arguably the most readable programming language' probably
> says it all? Personally I find it almost impossible to understand
> when coming in cold to someone elses code ... Java is not much
> better ... but I still have to persist with both since some key
> elements of a usable PHP IDE now rely on both :(

Python may be "most readable", but it's a huge fail for two reasons:

1. There are no statement terminators. Lose your indentation for ANY
reason and your program is well and truly screwed, in ways you can't

2. Python programs fail in the most ungraceful way I've ever seen in an
interpreted programming language. (Don't even start in on C. It's a
compiled language.)

Java is an incredibly heavy language for web work. Much like Ruby but
more so.

I'll say it again-- one of the reasons for the popularity of PHP is its
similarity to C, at least a passing skill in which is common to most


Paul M. Foster

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