On 20/08/13 15:00, Tedd Sperling wrote:
Hi guys:

A teacher at my college made the statement that JAVA for Web Development is 
more popular than PHP.

Where can I go to prove this right or wrong -- and/or -- what references do any 
of you have to support your answer? (sounds like a teacher, huh?)

Here are my two references:



But I do not know how accurate they are.

What say you?



tedd sperling


Java is a meticulously-constructed language with very strict typing and a large commercial organisation which purports to support and develop it. PHP is a scruffy heap of loosely typed cruft which is easy to knock together and build big things from, but has a semi-commercial and community support structure. Guess which one the big commercial organistations (banks, industry etc.) prefer to trust? Guess which is then popular for college courses since it provides the students with a basis in something that is commercially desirable? From my personal point of view, I started with BASIC, then FORTRAN (in a scientific environment), then C/C++, then Java (which I saw as the language C++ should have been), and then moved on to PHP in a search to find a way of building web apps in the sort of timescales that small-medium enterprises are prepared to accept.
Popularity is in the eye of the beholder...


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