This is not to condone discourtesy, but the key to this complaint
is  "being on the list for a while".

In the everyday friction of life, terse emails are easily
misinterpreted.  I happen to feel that van Ouwerkerk's reponse
is not "disgraceful", and attributing it to his "attitude" is
a leap of the imagination.  Sometimes one feels like being curt
to those myriad posts that ask questions, maybe 30-50 percent
of the posts on this list, where the answer is in the manual.
One could allege "discourtesy" to those people that "abuse"
the list by asking questions that are in the manual.  The point
is, it would be also "legitimate" for anyone to complain about
the "disgraceful" attitude of of people who post before looking.

I would think it appropriate that the dues for posting should
be that at least individuals search the manual first.  The occasional
poster that missed the item in the search in the manual would
certainly be easily tolerated.



Steve Wright wrote:
> I have to say, after only being a member of the list for a while that the
> attitude of  B van Ouwerkerk to be disgraceful.
> Everybody needs help sometimes, and no one can know it all.. so if you don't
> have anything positive to say, then don't say anything!
> Thanks for reading,

Justin Farnsworth
Eye Integrated Communications
321 South Evans - Suite 203
Greenville, NC 27858 | Tel: (252) 353-0722

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