on 7/31/01 12:37 PM, scott [gts] at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> there's a fine line between being terse and being nasty.
> please don't misinterpret this, but i think that we
> could all benefit from being less sensitive of the
> style each of us express ourselves in...

once again, scott, you seem to have a nice concise way of putting things :)

newbies are part of internet communities, as are old curmudgeons.
thankfully, so too are the wise, willing to share their knowledge.

recently, Brian White mentioned a propsed faq for the "headers already sent"
question. also, Philip Olson mentioned a link at php.faqts.

what is up with a faq for this list? is there one? i have been saving good
responses to faq type questions with the intent of putting a faq together.
now is as good a time as any. i'll post something in a couple days.

that way, we can politley say to newcomers. "hey, nice to have you around.
hope we can help you out some. two places you should go to get started are
php.net and link.to.list.faq"

let me know if there already is one.

have a day,

 -- mike cullerton

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