Justin French:
> Hi,
> I know this is a biggie, but has anyone attempted to write a 
> spell check (preferably english) in PHP?
> I'd LOVE something that can spell-check user-submitted text 
> somehow, becuase I'm writing a fully dynamic news-based site, 
> and the only downfall to the site could be bad content, since 
> it's being supplied by writers world-wide, submitted dynamically.
> My other option is to have an editor approve each article 
> before publishing, but I thought i'd at least ASK if nyone's 
> attempted it.

I had the exact same situation as you, so I'm in
the process of attempting it now (versions 0.1 
and 0.2 released so far)...

The one I built that uses a lot of client side 
Javascript (therefore requires IE5+ or NS6) and a call
to XML-RPC service on a server.

It's called XSpell, and you can find the demo at:

And D/L the source off sourceforge at:

Note: You need to build pspell support into PHP for the 
XML-RPC service to work.


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