Egan wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Aug 2001 15:34:04 -0300, Manuel Lemos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
> >> Many small businesses would like to do e-commerce, but can't afford
> >> expensive consultants, expensive hardware, and expensive software
> >> tools developed by huge corporations.
> >
> >e-commerce? You mean B2C? Can small business live from that? I'm afraid
> >not! Maybe I am wrong. :-)
> 100 years ago you could easily do business without a telephone.  But
> what percentage of businesses today operate without a telephone?
> A web presence with web commerce will become a utility like the
> telephone.  Having it will be more important than measuring artificial
> distinctions between B2C vs. B2B.

Huh? That's a nice marketoid speech for you to talk Internet-ignorant
people to get into e-commerce, but what does that have to do with my

Can small business live from e-commerce today?

> >> Look at all the large corporations bleeding money and cutting staff.
> >> Mega-corporations are in decline, and their era is ending.  Long live
> >> the small business!
> >
> >What? Large business are being affected because the whole networking
> >business is in recession.
> Large corporations don't know you or care about you as an individual
> customer.  You're just an account number to them.  The only thing they
> care about is the "big" sale to other "big" corporations.  But even
> then, do they really care?  Not in my experience.
> The networking recession is just one symptom of their disease.

Do you really believe that? As far as I can recall, this recession
started when a "mean judge" convicted Microsoft for anti-trust
practices. That caused NASDAQ crash that scared people away from
investing in tech company stocks. Many Internet companies dried and
without cash from the investors many went bankrupt. That affected all
the small or big corporations that have grown and were dependent on the
networking market. I don't think this affected much non-technological
companies, big or small. So I don't think  your anti-big corporations
speech has much to do with this.

Manuel Lemos

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