Jeff Lewis wrote:

>I actually had a talk with my boss today...
>We discussed different technologies and why we chose them.  The reasons we
>chose Java/JSP/J2EE etc:
>1) Scalability (number 1 reason)
>2) Different projects like EJB etc
>I had been talking about PHP a lot and he says he likes it to but...
What specifically about scalability and Java is he thinking of?  I'm not 
saying at all
that large scaleable sites aren't run under Java.  But what does your 
company need
to do that Java can that PHP can't?  There may be some issues, but there 
may not.

Scaleability costs money.  Yes, perhaps Java can scale.  If I had a six 
figure budget, PHP
would 'scale' too - more hardware.  But how much are people willing to 

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