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Monday, September 03, 2001, 1:08:40 PM, you wrote:
B> If in 1995 you tell a project manager that I can program
B> hotmail.com in a couple weeks and that it would be a lot faster then cgi
B> then they would of been forced to use it and all the marketing would not
B> matter.
Then (maybe) hotmail could have been written in php, but again, it
would be hotmail, not squirrelmail. We know hotmail as it is now not because
it is written in perl/asp/php/jsp/whatever, but because it is simply a
successful project. Marketing and promotion here means more than the
underlying engine - without it there would be no hotmail or yahoo, but
something else, like, say, coldmail and hoooya, better promoted.

Meanwhile, there were no microwave oven in 1950. It simply could not
exist in 1950. Like PHP, ASP, JSP, etc. could not exist in 1985 in the
current form. Technology needs time to improve.

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