Hi Maxim,

Hotmail was hot because nobody had ever seen free webmail and it spread by word
of mouth.  I don't know but did anyone see a hotmail commerical???

What I am saying is that if php is always following or copying the technology
that happened a couple years ago then what's the point?  php will then always be
known as the low cost option and project managers won't even give it a second
look.  What I am looking for is the cool factor.  I know technology needs time
to improve but what's going to be cool in PHP5???  It's like a race that never
finishes and who is winning?  ASP or PHP?

Maxim Derkachev wrote:

> Hello Bob,
> Monday, September 03, 2001, 1:08:40 PM, you wrote:
> B> If in 1995 you tell a project manager that I can program
> B> hotmail.com in a couple weeks and that it would be a lot faster then cgi
> B> then they would of been forced to use it and all the marketing would not
> B> matter.
> Then (maybe) hotmail could have been written in php, but again, it
> would be hotmail, not squirrelmail. We know hotmail as it is now not because
> it is written in perl/asp/php/jsp/whatever, but because it is simply a
> successful project. Marketing and promotion here means more than the
> underlying engine - without it there would be no hotmail or yahoo, but
> something else, like, say, coldmail and hoooya, better promoted.
> Meanwhile, there were no microwave oven in 1950. It simply could not
> exist in 1950. Like PHP, ASP, JSP, etc. could not exist in 1985 in the
> current form. Technology needs time to improve.
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