> What I am saying is that if php is always following or copying the technology
> that happened a couple years ago then what's the point?  php will then always be
> known as the low cost option and project managers won't even give it a second
> look.  What I am looking for is the cool factor.  I know technology needs time
> to improve but what's going to be cool in PHP5???  It's like a race that never
> finishes and who is winning?  ASP or PHP?

Uh?  The first version of PHP was released over a year before the first
version of ASP.  Heck, there were even M$ developers on the first PHP
mailing list that at one point sent out a survey asking the PHP community
what they wanted to see in an HTML-embedded scripting language.

But sure, PHP will always be the "low cost option".  No real way around
that being an open source project, and frankly that is a big feature and
certainly not a liability.


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