I don't think "we" need "spies" - the ASP stuff is pretty out in the 
open as
to where they're going.  Visit www.ibuyspy.com to get some tutorials on how
to use ASP+ in a commerce environment.  There's some neat things, but most
of it seems overkill, and some of the neat things still seem to lock you 
into a
"web page" mentality (what if I want to output WML instead of HTML? - the
"template system" idea seems suited ONLY to HTML imo).

http://www.aspng.com/ is another site with a lot of info on the new ASP 

Bob wrote:

>Do we have spies on the ASP list?  What are they doing on their end?  Now don't get me
>wrong, I've been coding with PHP and have read every tutorial and article I can get my
>hands on in regards to PHP so I don't want to see my time invested go to waste.  Maybe
>I should be asking on the developers list but I just want to hear some strategic
>direction or preview for PHP5.

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