You wrote:
> >Sure it is.  Lists or list context.  () is not that hard to
> determine
> >what it means.  At least, not nearly as hard as you make it out to
> >be for any moderately-experienced programmer.
> So it's easy to look it up is if you already know what it does? I
> think the majority of people looking it up would be
> not-so-experienced programmers :)

Yes, but an inexperienced programmer wouldn't know where to look for
list, either.  When you see ($foo, $bar), you know two or more items are
a list.  What is a list?  Two or more items.  What do you have there?
Two or more items.  Rather simple and intuitive to me.  *shrug*

The way you learn to problem shouldn't be looking something up to find
out what it does, but rather learning what everything does, then
applying it by doing the programming afterwards.  This sort of backwards
thinking is what causes problems in the first place.  :\

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