> Which is why you see spoofs like this one
> http://bbspot.com/News/2001/03/perl_test.html

The Perl code in that spoof isn't even valid.  ;)

And besides, the fact that you can write Perl code that looks like that
and still functions is more of a feature than anything.  Code that is
written like that is not meant to be readable.  It's meant to serve a
function, and usually, it's written by one person, and read only by that

Hehe... and to think this whole line of discussion started because
someone advocates list() over () when the latter, IMO, is better because
the former is redundant.  That's what it comes down to, really.  *shrug*

> I'm sorry, I have heard the arguments that PERL can be extremely
> if written properly.  The problem with this from the standpoint of
> trying to learn the language is that many (if not most) people who
> in
> PERL don't take the time to write readable code.  This makes both
> maintaining
> and learning from PERL programs more difficult.  I think that they
> even
> admit on a PERL list that PERL does have a higher learning curve than

The same can be said for PHP.  Some people don't take the time to write
readable code, no matter what the language.  Because of this
universality, that makes it a rather moot point.

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