On Monday 24 September 2001 17:56, Thomas Deliduka wrote:
Try to use constant SID, maybe that will work, and it is more likely 
that it will work on other intallations with other session variable 

> <FORM ACTION="index2.php" METHOD="POST">
> VAR 3: <INPUT TYPE=TEXT VALUE="My Var 3" NAME="myvar3"> <INPUT
> </FORM>
You should add the session id (SID constant) either to the form's 
action parameter, or with an input type=text field (not everyone 
enable cookies).

But I don't think that these caused that the whole session thing 
doesn't work for you. (I guess you tried many things.)

Have you checked session.save_path setting in php.ini?
Is it set to /tmp?
display_errors is set to on? error_reporting is E_ALL?
Then some error messages should show up, and youe can get more clue 
what is going on.


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