Thank you everyone for your continued help with this. It's still not fixed
but I have to leave to a dr. appt. I hope that most--If not all--of you are
on when I get back.

I just wanted to alert you as to why I wouldn't be responding to your

Here is the last information I sent Tamas:

I find as exepcted, it's creating a new PHPSESSID every time I post to the

As I mentioned in the first e-mail, it ust creates a new session. But this
is something I find interesting.

I start the session for the first time, it regsiters var1 and var2.

Then I post to the next page, the PHPSESSID values are posted perfectly fine
but on the server a new session with a different vale is created with var3
in it.

Then I will reload the first page again by erasing index2.php and hitting
enter and it will display a new sess id number and show the first page, as
normal but that sessid number is equal t the new session created on the
server and the value of it is:

var3; var1; var2

This is stranger than strange.


Thomas Deliduka
IT Manager
New Eve Media
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