I just tried this here below. Before trying this I changed any called to
$PHPSESSID to session_id().

I turned off cookies
Loaded the page... Created session id and file:
Contents: var1|s:8:"My var 1";var2|s:8:"My var 2";

I submitted the form:
PHPsessionid shows up as: 2f633e17c6752342d0c1e7e6191b4112
New file with same name contents: var3|s:8:"My Var 3";

I removed index2.php and went back to the first file.
PHP SessID shows up as 68b482365d9086068edfa3e35d8dd41d
Corresponding file with contents: var1|s:8:"My var 1";var2|s:8:"My var 2";

This is different then what I previously said.

But it's clear to me that each time session_start() is called, it doesn't
open the existing session rather it creates a new one.

When I click the 'try this link' instead when starting over. It still
creates a new session ID on the server.

On 9/24/2001 1:31 PM this was written:

> OK, do you have access to your /tmp directory? If so, close your browser,
> then open it and request your index page. Now sort the files in /tmp by
> creation time, to find the newly created session file. Look at its contents,
> and see if the 2 variables have values assigned to them in the file. Do this
> before you click submit on index.
> BTW, I don't think $PHPSESSID is ever defined on the first request. Instead,
> you can do this to see the new session ID on the first page. That will also
> help you find the correct session file to inspect.
> echo "session id is " . session_id() . "<br>\n";


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