At 04:11 PM 10/27/01 -0800, Daniel Harik wrote:
>You see i have huge(for me) 100 000 record access table, i wanted to
>convert it to mysql, i thought of making php convertor that uses odbc
>and mysql, but maybe there is faster way?


You're making it too hard on yourself.

1. CREATE TABLES in MySQL that match up to your Access tables.
2. In MICROSOFT ACCESS, go to the Export... command (I believe it's under
the File menu.)
3. You'll save it as a .txt file with NO TEXT QUALIFIERS, TAB DELIMITED,
without having column names on the first row.
4. FTP the .txt file to your server.  I always use ASCII mode for it
because I remember one time having some problem which I think was due to
Binary transfer (I could've been wrong about that, though).
5. Go into MySQL an use the LOAD DATA INFILE command.
ie: LOAD DATA INFILE '/home/virtual/yoursite/home/html/filename.txt'
REPLACE INTO tablename;

The first few times it can be kind of sticky, but after you do it a couple
fo times, it will be as easy as breathing.

There is 1 compatibility issue that I ran into.  If a field in MS ACCESS
has data on 2 lines.... For instance...

| ID | Address                       |
| 1  | 123 Evergreen Terrace         | <-- This is GOOD
| 2  | 321 Pine Street               | <-- This is BAD
|    | Apartment A                   |

You see, when MySQL runs the LOAD DATA, new records are indicated by a NEW
LINE.  You'll want to check your ACCESS table for new lines before creating
the export file.

Jeff Gannaway

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