Dump the Excel DB to a text file and use the string parsing functions.
Working with two large databases will suck up most of your system resources;
working with a large text file one line at a time and one database one
record of a time may be a little slower but it is going to be a million
times easier on your system.

Mike Frazer

"Daniel Harik" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hello guys
> Thank You very much for your previous replies, could u help me with 1
> more thing?
> You see i have huge(for me) 100 000 record access table, i wanted to
> convert it to mysql, i thought of making php convertor that uses odbc
> and mysql, but maybe there is faster way?
> And other thought was also read in RAW format excel file with perl,
> and take advantage of DBI?
> Anyways how would u do it?
> Thank You very much

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