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> $form_block = "
> <P><strong>User Name:</strong><br>
> <INPUT type=\"text\" NAME=\"sender_name\" VALUE=\"$sender_name\"
> SIZE=30></p>
> <P><strong>Your E-Mail Address:</strong><br>
> <INPUT type=\"text\" NAME=\"sender_email\"  VALUE=\"$sender_email\"
> SIZE=30></p>
> <P><strong>Message/Problem:</strong><br>
> <TEXTAREA NAME=\"message\" COLS=30 ROWS=5
> WRAP=virtual>$message</TEXTAREA></p>
> <INPUT type=\"hidden\" name=\"op\" value=\"ds\">
> <P><INPUT TYPE=\"submit\" NAME=\"submit\" VALUE=\"Send This Form\"></p>
> </FORM>
> ";

FWIW, you can save yourself all that PITA backslashing by using heredoc 

> What do I need to change in the following line to make the form submit/post
> or do I need to change the code in my form.  I can't use the JavaScript
> onLoad() event handler as I will be calling from VB6.

I'm not a VB person, but it's my understanding that VBscript can be invoked 
with an HTML <script> tag the same way JavaScript can.  Just assign 
language="VBscript" instead of language="JavaScript".  Does that help you 
at all?


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