Yes you can...
 If....if I rightly understand you only.... well... you whant submit
information without clicking submit button? .. well then you have to imagine
any suported event or use meta tag...... One problrm I don't use VB

Way one... ( this is example of 100% stupid code ... only to show the
gate;-) ... will be usefull only if you find the way to abort/allow submit
in you <script> )

<form id=wwww action=test.php onsubmit='chek()'>   // <<< any supported
 <input type=text>
 <input type=submit>
 function chek()

Way two... use meta tag.... (somth like game... or grenade ;-) .... I'm not
worry you are not qwik enoth to fill all fields :-) )
$timer = 10; // seconds
$url_str =
l=me@work&message=Hello."; // well.. what you wrote
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" Content="<? print $timer?>; URL=<? print $url_str

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