Your whatdo's will be whatdo0 whatdo1...whatdox
You need to do like this if I understand what you are doing :)
while($row < $numofrows):
   $var = "whatdo".$row;
   $whatdo = $submitted_vars["$var"];
   //do whatever with $whatdo
   $row ++;

At 09:41 AM 10/11/01, Lara J. Fabans wrote:
>I'm having some difficulties accessing HTTP_POST_VARS
>The original form has a table where each row has a set of 3 radio
>buttons  name="whatdo<?php print $x?>[]"   where $x is the row counter.
>(I'm using PHP to pull info into a table, then the user manipulates
>the info, and it places the info into 2 other tables depending upon what
>the choice is for the 3 radio buttons).
>So, on submit, it reloads the page, and I pull in all of the areas.  All
>work except the radio buttons.
>I've tried:
>$submitted_vars = $HTTP_POST_VARS;
>$whatdo = $submitted_vars[whatdo];
>$whatdo = $HTTP_POST_VARS["whatdo"];
>but when I do a print_r($whatdo)
>it's blank
>When I do a
>I get
>Array ( [whatdo] => Array ( [0] => load [1] => delete), [other stuff]....)
>What am I doing wrong :-)  How do I access this data?  It's so frustrating
>since all the rest of the postvars are working, and I can see that the
>data's there in the HTTP_POST_VARS....I just can't get to it. (pun not
>Lara J. Fabans
>Lodestone Software, Inc
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