On 15 Nov 2001, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (The Big Roach) spake

>I think a better strategy would be to introduce them to the basics of
>databases in general as opposed to trying to "teach" MySQL to them. A
>good primer on DB's would be "Databases for mere mortals" by ... ? some
>guy! But the cover is orange/brown and not very thick. Can't find it
>here... where did I put it.

I get what you are saying here. Since I am leaning towards the single 
MySQL/PHP book, I might add the Mere Mortals book as well. I want them to 
have a reference that will serve them later for PHP and MySQL though I am 
developing a lot of the Database and SQL basics myself, just as I am 
developing a lot of the intro programming material-- but I do want them to 
have something to hold in their hands and take with them as well...



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