Hi Richard,

  _PHP4 A Beginner's Guide_ is geared especially to first-time programmers...


>Chris Lott wrote:
>> I'll be teaching a web development class in the Spring in which I plan to
>> focus on PHP and MySQL as primary tools. These will be students who have
>> experience with HTML And web design, but most will have no experience with
>> programming at all.
>> I need recommendations for book(s) that will serve as decent primers... I
>> expect that the PHP book will have enough of the fundamentals of
>> programming to set them on the right path...
>I'm biased, but the PHP 4 Bible book is good. :-)
>The Luke and Laura book (Welling and Thompson) is probably even better for 
>that, given that they teach 200 grad students per quarter at Melbourne 
>Royal Institute of Technology...
>But none of the PHP books are really geared as "Programming 101" 
>textbooks...  Plan on spending a considerable amount of lecture time off 
>the book about programming in general.
>Luke and Laura gave a great talk at the San Diego OS Conference about using 
>PHP in the classroom, so get those slides if you can, and suck up to them a 
>lot since they've been there. :-)
>> Any suggestions for a MySQL book would be great. If both were in one book,
>> even better!
>The New Riders MySQL book by Paul DuBois is the one to go for if you opt 
>for a separate MySQL book.
>PS  I'm available as a guest lecturer :-)
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