* Stefan Rusterholz ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 27. 2001 11:30]:

> I did that. For localedef it hasn't an entry. But for locale it has one. 
> I don't think that's what you expectet (it seems to belong to perl)

Then you need to find out how to `compile' locale definitions for your

> locale(3)        Perl Programmers Reference Guide       locale(3)

Oh no no. <g> 

   man 1 locale

Does that give you anything? (I'm guessing it would have picked that up
first if it existed).

(~)% man locale | head
Reformatting locale(1), please wait...
LOCALE(1)                Debian GNU/Linux               LOCALE(1)

       locale - Get locale-specific information.

       locale [ -a | -m]

That's the one I was talking about..

Is there a `locale' package you can install for OSX? (There is for my 

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