Hm, as far as I see that package is for Aqua (the GUI of OS X) and not 
for the core (FreeBSD, *nix), so it won't help - and it is actually 
installed (I use OS X in a german enviroment because I'm swiss).

Do you know where to get language packets for FreeBSD? That might work...

Am Donnerstag den, 27. Dezember 2001, um 18:36, schrieb Brian Clark:

> * Stefan Rusterholz ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 27. 2001 12:12]:
>>> Is there a `locale' package you can install for OSX? (There is for my
>>> system.)
>> There is one, but not for PHP, only for the system (which is actually
>> multilingual and able to change language during runtime)
> That's what I'm talking about -- for the system.
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