* Stefan Rusterholz ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 27. 2001 09:13]:

> Hi


> I'm using following code:

> setlocale(LC_ALL, 'german');
> $timestamp = time();
> $string = strftime('Heute ist %A, der %d. %B %Y. Sie haben diese Seite 
> um %H Uhr %M aufgerufen.', $timestamp); # in english: "today it's %A, 
> the %d. %B. %Y. You opened this page at %H:%M."
> echo "$string";

> Which works nice on my ISP's Server. On my locale OS X Server it seems 
> like it wouldn't be able to translate it. I get the correct output but 
> in english instead of german. 

The OSX machine doesn't have a definition for `german' but it probably
has one for en_US, for example. Try de or de_DE or de_DE.ISO8859-1
instead of `german' and see if you get what you'd expect. FYI, I've
never used OSX, so I'm flying blind.

> AFAIR I need to have some files to be 
> installed on my system for that function to work correct. Does someone 
> know where to get those files and where to put them in my system?

On my system, charmaps in /usr/share/i18n/locales and definitions in
/usr/lib/locale, and I would use localedef to build definitions from the
charmaps (I think. I might have those directories reversed.).

I've never used (or seen) OSX, but does it use man? (I'm absolutely not
being a smarta$$ here). If it has man, look at the man pages for 
`localedef' and `locale' and that may get you headed in the right

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