What's going on in incl.php. Are you issuing a session_start()?

What if it's rearranged like so, as I understand you have to register the session 
before using it.

echo $mine;

There's the divide and conquer approach too.  What do you see if you comment out the 
then issue a phpinfo() and a die()?

HTH and Merry Christmas / Happy New Year - Miles Thompson

On Friday 28 December 2001 11:26 pm, Sean LeBlanc wrote:
> I asked this on php-install list, but got no response so here goes...
> I simply cannot get session to work correctly. Here's the test script:
> include("incl.php");
> session_start();
> $mine++;
> session_register("mine");
> echo $mine;
> incl.php includes code to save/retrieve session information to/from DB.  It
> calles session_set_save_handler at the end.
> What happens is I get an error because it is trying to read the variable
> out and I get a DB error, but my session writing routine is never
> called...I know, because I have a print in there. And of course, the var
> doesn't increment upon refreshes - it remains 1.
> I've seen this before, and it was fixed, but I forget how it was done, as I
> didn't actually implement the solution (I hear and I forget, I do and I
> remember, I guess). About my system:
> FreeBSD 4.4
> Apache 1.3.20
> PHP 4.0.6
> Any and all help appreciated.

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