Consider yourself fried. ;-)

Seriously, though, I think that there are more advanced PHP lists that 
would probably be more to your liking.  Try doing a search on or for something more technical.  I, personally, joined 
this list just over a year ago when I was assigned a project at work to 
rebuild Phorum to work against my former company's custom database.  The 
respondents on this group were incredibly helpful; and most of the 
responses to technical questions I've seen on this list have usually 
included comments like, "This works because...", or "You can find more 
information about this at...".

I've found that this list is an excellent resource for beginners, as 
well as an excellent place for advanced users to get quick answers to 
urgent questions.

Nick Wilson wrote:

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> Hi all, 
> just a very quick note: I've been following the list for about a
> week and I probably follow one or two threads a day. Some of the stuff
> here is *very* interesting. Unfortunately most of the stuff posted is a
> little ridiculous in that it's posted by people that clearly don't know
> where the online manual is located.
> Don't get me wrong, I'm no expert and I don't object to the 'I had a
> look but...' posts I just think the list might be a little more
> interesting if those that *really* know there stuff stopped giving
> detailed answers to Q's like 'my html page shows the php code' and were
> just a little less tolerant.
> Feel free to fry me.
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