Yeah - play. It's the only way --  take a function, use it the right way 
and the wrong way. Can it be combined with other functions. What quirks of 
punctuation are there, etc etc.

You know, I'd forgotten that too -- piddling about brings returns.

Now excuse me, I have to go play with an array.

Ah, true geekdom - Miles

At 11:38 PM 1/19/2002 +0100, B. van Ouwerkerk wrote:

>>Yeah, I've seen (and used) that.  But it requires searching.  My idea is to
>>put together a list of the simple questions in one place ... much like the
>>apache faq ... and also allowing "world input" like the php manual does.
>Sorry.. can't resist to reply :)
> From what I've seen it doesn't matter how many faqs minifaqs.. 
> whateverfaqs you create.. Some will never learn cause the don't spend 
> enough time to understand.. There are more then enough tutorials out 
> there for anyone to find.
>How to learn PHP, or any other language: tutorials, manuals/books online 
>or printed. Spending a LOT of time.. testing.. playing..
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