I just don't understand all the intolerance some of the people on this list
show.  We're not all as intelligent and wise in the arts of php/mysql/etc as
some of the members on this list are.  One thing I do know is that we all
started from the beginning and had plenty of questions.  We all think
differently also, which means, just because I look for two hours online for
an answer to my question doesnt mean everyone else does.  That also means I
CAN look for two hours for an answer to my question while Joe Smoe over
yonder CAN NOT look for two hours for an answer, so he posts to the list
sooner than I do.  Does that mean he should be flamed because of it?  Nah
not in my opinion..

There have also been plenty of times where I have tried everything and I
just cant get it to work, so I ask, and when I get the answer back.. I hit
myself on the head and think ahhh dumb$#!t I should have know that!  What
was I thinking!  And then there have been times that friends who are much
better programmers than I am can't figure something out and I whip something
up quickly for them and they hit themselves on the head.  We're fallible,
the sooner everyone understands that the more tolerance we'll have.  Some
days are worse than others and hopefully someone will extend to you
tolerance on those days.

I loved this list when September 11th rolled around, people became tolerant,
people became caring, people embraced people on this list.  It was amazing..
lots of love going around.  I wish I could see that type of caring for
others all year long, not just until we forget that the person on the other
side of the email is human also and can be offended by our intolerance and
verbal assaults.  

Sure some questions could be solved with a little more research on the
php.net site or any other site, but hey give them a break, they'll learn
eventually.. hopefully.. :)  Direct them to the page their answer is on and
it just might introduce them to a new way of learning.

Just my two, three, four cents worth.. Where's the love? :)


"Work like you don't need the money. Dance like no one is watching. And love
like you've never been hurt." - Mark Twain

> From: Shane Wright <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 01:16:17 +0000
> To: Richard Crawford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Nick Wilson
> Subject: Re: [PHP] RTFM
> Hi
> Maybe this list should be split - kindof into a php-newbies and a
> php-advanced ?
> --
> Shane
> On Friday 18 Jan 2002 9:39 pm, Richard Crawford wrote:
>> Consider yourself fried. ;-)
>> Seriously, though, I think that there are more advanced PHP lists that
>> would probably be more to your liking.  Try doing a search on php.net or
>> yahoogroups.com for something more technical.  I, personally, joined
>> this list just over a year ago when I was assigned a project at work to
>> rebuild Phorum to work against my former company's custom database.  The
>> respondents on this group were incredibly helpful; and most of the
>> responses to technical questions I've seen on this list have usually
>> included comments like, "This works because...", or "You can find more
>> information about this at...".
>> I've found that this list is an excellent resource for beginners, as
>> well as an excellent place for advanced users to get quick answers to
>> urgent questions.
>> Nick Wilson wrote:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> Hi all,
>>> just a very quick note: I've been following the list for about a
>>> week and I probably follow one or two threads a day. Some of the stuff
>>> here is *very* interesting. Unfortunately most of the stuff posted is a
>>> little ridiculous in that it's posted by people that clearly don't know
>>> where the online manual is located.
>>> Don't get me wrong, I'm no expert and I don't object to the 'I had a
>>> look but...' posts I just think the list might be a little more
>>> interesting if those that *really* know there stuff stopped giving
>>> detailed answers to Q's like 'my html page shows the php code' and were
>>> just a little less tolerant.
>>> Feel free to fry me.
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