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* On 21-01-02 at 16:25 
* Jeff Bearer said....

> Hello,
>       I have a PHP content management application that I've developed.  I'm
> looking to add data caching to it so the database doesn't get pounded
> all day long, the content on the site changes slowly, once or twice a
> day.

On that basis caching may not be ideal, certainly not a 'home grown'
solution and especially if the db is really going to take a 'pounding'
all day.

>       Does anyone know of where I can look to find an application that does
> this?  I've searched and have yet to find anything that does the same
> kind of thing.  I'll take anything, a module or library that does it, or
> even some other application that does the same thing that I can look at.

I think Zend do something that you should look at.
www.zend.com (I think it's called 'Zend Cache')

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