On Mon, 2002-01-21 at 10:30, Nick Wilson wrote:

> >     I have a PHP content management application that I've developed.  I'm
> > looking to add data caching to it so the database doesn't get pounded
> > all day long, the content on the site changes slowly, once or twice a
> > day.
> On that basis caching may not be ideal, certainly not a 'home grown'
> solution and especially if the db is really going to take a 'pounding'
> all day.

How so? the whole idea of caching the data is so the database stops
taking the pounding.

> >     Does anyone know of where I can look to find an application that does
> > this?  I've searched and have yet to find anything that does the same
> > kind of thing.  I'll take anything, a module or library that does it, or
> > even some other application that does the same thing that I can look at.
> I think Zend do something that you should look at.
> www.zend.com (I think it's called 'Zend Cache')

APC (Alternitive PHP Cache) and afaik Zend Cache don't cache the
database data, they cache the execution instructions of PHP code so the
PHP intrepreter doesn't have to recompile the code every time, but if
there is a query it still queries the DB every time.  I've experienced
this first hand with APC.  At first I thought it would cache the entire
PHP output, which would include the data, not just the execution
instructions.  But I was wrong.

Jeff Bearer, RHCE

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