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* On 21-01-02 at 16:47 
* Jeff Bearer said....

> On Mon, 2002-01-21 at 10:30, Nick Wilson wrote:
> > >   I have a PHP content management application that I've developed.  I'm
> > > looking to add data caching to it so the database doesn't get pounded
> > > all day long, the content on the site changes slowly, once or twice a
> > > day.
> > 
> > On that basis caching may not be ideal, certainly not a 'home grown'
> > solution and especially if the db is really going to take a 'pounding'
> > all day.
> How so? the whole idea of caching the data is so the database stops
> taking the pounding.

Well, if you're caching but having your content updated twice a day
wouldn't you be better off letting the db take the strain? I don't see
how else you are going to make sure people are seeing the latest content
as opposed to cached pages that are out of date. Let your db do the
work, that's what it's for :)

One of the 'home grown' solutions I saw was to 404 page to trigger the
creation of a static html page made from the results of the first query
on the db. The problems I saw though were: What about browser compat
issues and what a pain that would be to have to wipe the 'cached' static
dir every time you updated your content.
It seemed well suited to articles that wouldn't alter much over time
though. (I think the piece was on www.devshed.com)

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