> > The greatest way of doing this is
> >     1. develope php-script for generating updated html from moved php-script
> > and updating index.html (e.g. ;)
> >     2. develope another script or program which will call the first one
> > periodically (once an hour, e.g.)
> I like that.
> It sounds similar to the method I mentioned.
> What about browser detection and appropriate css generation etc?
> Wouldn't the output that's saved be a little *too* static?

Since reading your first post I've been racking my brains/teasing my memory. I'm sure 
there's an article on one
of the popular PHP sites that talks about exactly this: creating a web page 
dynamically, but serving it as
static HTML (ie with no back-end db access per serving).

Suggest you check out DevShed etc.


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