That is where the script is that uploads the file, the file should be 
going to  :


or /tmp/ or where ever I have tried a ton of different folders


>On Tuesday 29 January 2002 11:48, sundogcurt wrote:
>>the directory permissions are set to 777 / 0777 any user, any group,
>>etc. at least that is how I understand it. if i'm wrong please correct
>>me, I do appreciate the help thank you.
>If they're set to 777 then anybody can do anything to it which means it 
>should be OK. The only thing is whether you have set the *correct* directory? 
>According to your code, I believe the file will be copied to:
>  /home/gruesome/public_html/valeriemacwilliam/includes/content/
>Is this correct?

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