Try changing the permissions of the parent directory.  I've had that problem
in the past and that was the only thing that seemed to fix it.


"Sundogcurt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm not sure if this is a problem I can overcome with PHP or if I have
> to go directly to the Linux box to fix (I hope not).
> I have moved my development from a win32/apache/mysql box to a
> Mandrake/apache/mysqly box and have only one problem (that I know of) to
> overcome.
> When I try to upload an image (with scripts that worked just fine on the
> win32 system) I get a permission denied error. The dir that I am trying
> to write to has permissions for everybody to do anything! (777 or 0777
> how ever you want to format it). The scripts are located in my user dir
> under public_html etc etc. I can create directories in there but I can't
> seem to convince the darn thing to copy an image. It seems to upload (no
> errors) but that is where it ends. I don't know what other information
> you need from me or if this is even the proper list to be submitting to.
> Again I say I am able to create directories but not copy an image. ???
> Thanks and I'm sorry that my question has anything to do with uploading
> stuff eheheh
> ~Curtis~

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