* hugh danaher ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Feb 01. 2002 04:21]:

> Not familiar with anything but php and html. 

XHTML isn't too different. There are different `rules' -- like tags
and attributes must be lower case, values must be surrounded by double
quotes, tags without closing tags: <br />, <img src="i.gif" alt=" " />,

> I know that in a type=text (obviously not a checkbox) if you don't
> use the escape backslashes, the value written into the box is 'Your'
> without the 'Name #' I am told this is because the browser views the
> space after 'r' in 'Your' as a break and is looking at Name # as the
> next instruction, which it isn't. My two cents for the evening.

Yes, that's why you surround the value in quotes. :-) Escaping has
noting to do with it really, unless you're print()ing like:

print "Brian is a little off his \"rocker\"";


print 'Brian is somewhat \'out of it\' most of the time';

The problem you spoke of happens when you do this:

<input type="text" name="brian" value=is insane>

IIRC, $brian would turn out to contain 'is' without the insanity. 

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