At 11:42 PM 2/2/2002 -0200, Manuel Lemos wrote:
> > I think you are confused...  Unsolicited e-mail is in fact the
> > definition of spam!
>No, with time, people started confusing definitions. You may not be
>aware of it because you were too young and by that time you probably
>even did not knew about what was the Internet. AFAIK, spam was, in the
>early days when there was not even the Web, what was called to
>cross-posting the same message to multiple newsgroups. Remeber Monty
>Python sketch, they were complaining of more of the same spam.

Yep.  Here's an excerpt from the Email Abuse FAQ:

'First, a short lesson on the term "SPAM". Spam describes a particular kind 
of Usenet posting (and canned spiced ham), but is now often used to 
describe many kinds of inappropriate activities, including some 
email-related events. It is technically incorrect to use "spam" to describe 
email abuse, although attempting to correct the practice would amount to 
tilting at windmills.'

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