How many emails per hour can people generate on a typical dedicated server?
on qmail? on smtp?

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> Hello,
> Ed Lazor wrote:
> >
> > At 06:25 PM 2/2/2002 -0500, Chris Cocuzzo wrote:
> > >Godamnit. Shut-up about this already for godsakes and answer the
> > >original question!!
> >
> > LOL  hehe good point Chris.
> Aleluia, somebody sensible! :-)
> > >"Ben Clumeck" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > > > I would like to send an e-mail (the same e-mail) to 1,000 different
> > > > people.  I want each persons name to be in the "To:" field.  Is
there a
> > > way to
> > > > customize it to where it can say Dear____ (having a different
persons name
> > > > corresponding to an e-mail address) so that it looks customized.
> >
> > Ben, how you approach this will depend on how you have the data
> > stored.  Let's assume two things:  you have the e-mail addresses and
> > in a database and know how to retrieve and store them into the variables
> > $email and $name.  That said, create the body of your text:
> >
> > $body = "
> > Dear $name,
> >
> > Here are recent developments on our web site... etc.
> > ";
> >
> > Then use the mail function
> > to send the letter to the person like this:
> >
> > mail($email, "Site update", $body, "From:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]");
> >
> > The next thing you'll probably start wondering is how to send fancy
> > instead of those generic text based ones...  PHPBuilder has an article
> > you'll want to check out located here:
> >
> I do not advice anybody to send personalized bulk mail, even less in
> PHP. It will take a lot of time to just queue the message in the local
> relay mail server and since each message has to be stored separately in
> the mail server queue disk consuming a lot of space.
> What I recommend is to just queue a single message with all recepients
> in Bcc:. This is better done with qmail using qmail-inject because you
> do not have to actually add Bcc: headers to the message, just the
> recipients addresses, one per line,  and then headers and the body of
> the message. You may want to try this class for composing and sending
> MIME messages. It has subclasses for queing with PHP mail function, SMTP
> server, sendmail and qmail.
> If you can use it, I recommend to use qmail because it is much faster
> than the other alternatives to queue message to be sent to many
> recipients and also provides very good means to figure exactly which
> addresses are bouncing your messages so you can process them eventually
> unsubscribing the users in question, thanks to its VERP capability
> (Variable Envelope Return Path).
> If you want to send messages regularly to the same group of users, I
> recommend that you use ezmlm-idx because it provides very efficient and
> secure way to handle subscriptions and messages bouncings.
> I don't recommend the patches of ezmlm that let it be interfaced with
> user lists maintained in MySQL or PostgreSQL. I doubt that those
> databases are faster to query than DJB's cdb user list databases. Also,
> I don't think that most people want the user to be deleted from a
> database if it's address is bouncing for too long (11 days).
> Anyway, you may want to look into this PHP web interface to create and
> setup options of ezmlm mailing lists. It also comes with a SOAP server
> interface that you can use to provide Web services to subscribe,
> unsubscriber, verify and count users in ezmlm mailing lists.
> Regards,
> Manuel Lemos
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