On 14 Feb 2002, at 16:40, Michael Kimsal wrote:

> On that same topic, *why* do people name files with both .inc and
> .php? 
>   Your .inc file has PHP code in it, right?  Why not just call it .php
>   and
> spare the server reconfiguration.  If knowing which files are
> "include" files (long time since I've made that distinction!) just
> prepend them with inc_ or put them all in an includes/ directory.

Heck, I've seen inc,cls,html,php3,php4

Whoever started this thread was on the right track. Where are the 
global coding conventions for PHP?


Any othes out there?

I know I have my pet peeves about Perl but Perl, as hard as it may 
seem, appears more rigid than PHP :)

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