On Thursday, February 14, 2002, at 04:40  PM, Michael Kimsal wrote:

> On that same topic, *why* do people name files with both .inc and 
> .php?  Your .inc file has PHP code in it, right?  Why not just call it 
> .php and
> spare the server reconfiguration.  If knowing which files are "include" 
> files (long time since I've made that distinction!) just prepend
> them with inc_ or put them all in an includes/ directory.

If you are including a file into another file with PHP's 'include()' 
function, it doesn't matter what the extension is.  You don't even need 
an extension.  Apache doesn't even see this as a separate file, it 
thinks of it all as one big file with the name of whichever file is 
doing the including.

Giving the .inc suffix is a nice way to keep your code organized.  Also, 
I keep my .incs in a separate directory.

Not to mention I have a directive in my server's conf file that 
specifically prevents it from serving any file with the extension '.inc'.



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