You have made a jusification why they should stick with PHP 4.0.3, because
they might have to re-code alot, and their clients might have to recode

Also their admins may work on the principle that if it works why change.

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Subject: [PHP] is PHP4.0.3 on a commercial webserver Justifiable ?

> My Webhost, wou.ld appear to be running PHP 4.0.3 even
> although PHP 4.1.1 is out. ( as you can see.
> I will be writing to them about this as I belive it is a factor leading to
> why i need to recode when going from my local server (php4.1.1 apache) to
> there systems.
> If someone would like to try and justify such an old version running I
> like to hear your suggestions.
> (personal servers is not included here :) )
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