John Cuthbert wrote:

> My Webhost, wou.ld appear to be running PHP 4.0.3 even
> although PHP 4.1.1 is out. ( as you can see.
> I will be writing to them about this as I belive it is a factor leading to
> why i need to recode when going from my local server (php4.1.1 apache) to
> there systems.
> If someone would like to try and justify such an old version running I would
> like to hear your suggestions.
> (personal servers is not included here :) )

When most host upgrade the don't only upgrade PHP. They will up grade 
everything running on the server Apache, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL 
databases, and upgrading to SSH, ETC. That is a major undertaking when 
you have 20+ servers. Ask you host if they have any new servers and what 
version is running on them.


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