Well, every version of every program have security issues, PHP 3 have
security issues as well as PHP 4.

Ask them for what specifics security problems are they talking about.


El mar, 26-02-2002 a las 14:29, Tim Thorburn escribió:
> Hi,
> Consider yourself lucky - my hosting company is still using 3.0.16.  Even 
> though at least once a month I complain about this bitterly (the client has 
> already paid several years in advance so moving is not in the cards).
> They tell me that there are major security issues with PHP version 4 and 
> that's why they have not upgraded yet.  My question is, if this is the case 
> - why are there a great number of ISP's and individuals using version 4 if 
> there are so many security issues?

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