Consider yourself lucky - my hosting company is still using 3.0.16.  Even 
though at least once a month I complain about this bitterly (the client has 
already paid several years in advance so moving is not in the cards).

They tell me that there are major security issues with PHP version 4 and 
that's why they have not upgraded yet.  My question is, if this is the case 
- why are there a great number of ISP's and individuals using version 4 if 
there are so many security issues?

I can understand the point that alot of the hosting companies online 
management systems were all written in PHP3 - but you'd think they would 
keep their stuff on a separate server from client pages.

It just makes it difficult when there are new and improved features that 
either cannot be utilized at all - or at least not without pages and pages 
of work arounds.

At 06:44 PM 2/26/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>My Webhost, www.easily.co.uk wou.ld appear to be running PHP 4.0.3 even
>although PHP 4.1.1 is out. (www.jsa3d.co.uk/test.php) as you can see.
>I will be writing to them about this as I belive it is a factor leading to
>why i need to recode when going from my local server (php4.1.1 apache) to
>there systems.
>If someone would like to try and justify such an old version running I would
>like to hear your suggestions.
>(personal servers is not included here :) )
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