Thanks, I am pushing them to go to OS X, but they are PPC 8500, which can
only go to Mac OS 8.6, maybe 9. They don't want to buy a new computer, I
personal have a G4 and Snowflake iBook and am running 10.1.3 with Apache,
PHP, and MySQL. I told the I search and ask, which I have so thanks guys.

By the Eric Price, I could see PHP on Atari ST(they have the same chips as
the Mac Classic, 68K) and I know in England and Germany are still used by
many and are even on the internet, but not an 800. I still to this day write
code in Atari Basic on my 800. I miss my Atari ST 1040, but I gave that up
for my first mac, Power Book 145B, but I am wandering. ;)

Oh, well maybe I can talk them into buying that new iMac or G4 SilverPro.
Again guys thanks for the info.

Chuck Payne
Magi Design and Support

On 3/18/02 4:35 PM, "Kevin Stone" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Unfortunately PHP was never developed for MacOS 9 so there is no option
> there.
> The only option is to switch to MacOSX (which I highly recommend) or
> migrate to XP (which is a mess but works).
> -Kevin
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Chuck "PUP" Payne [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 2:22 PM
> Subject: [PHP] Mac Classic and PHP...
> Does anyone know a good web server beside WebStar for the Mac Classic
> OS,
> that will allow you to run PHP with it? I have a client that is looking
> for
> such an animal. I recommended WebStar because I know it will let you run
> cg,
> but I am not sure about PHP. WebStar is the only professional web server
> that I know of of Mac Classic. I don't think there is such an animal for
> the
> classic OS. I have tried to talk them into move to OS 10.1.3, but that
> like
> talking to the wall.  Also I need to know where I can find free ODBC
> drivers
> that will let them contact to MYSQL or Filemaker pro.
> Thanks,
> Chuck Payne
> Magi Design and Support

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